Trigger Shot Last Night…..Retrieval tomorrow!

IVF #2 Update

I was extremely disappointed on Tues when the growth of my follicles only went from 12.6 to 13.3 but then yesterday morning I went in and the largest one was at 17.2!!!  Yesterdays ultrasound showed 18 on my right and 10 on my left ovary.  When the tech left the room I snapped shots of the results.  The number on the far right are the actual sizes of the follicles!

I am feeling pretty good for having a lot of follicles and for not sleeping well the past two nights.  I still managed yoga last night with my sister and did some cardio this morning.  Tomorrow I won’t workout but I will see how I feel Saturday.  I am obsessed with hitting the gym early Saturday and Sunday mornings because I have the place to myself and have the best workouts!  I will listen to my body and see how I feel though.

Doug gave me the trigger shot last night at 9:30pm so retrieval will be tomorrow at 9:30am!  After the shot I couldn’t sleep and was feeling quite anxious.  The squirrels were running around in my head like crazy.  Thinking about everything that is going on in the next week or so.  Anyone have any good ideas for sleeping better when a lot is going on in life?  I could use them!

3 thoughts on “Trigger Shot Last Night…..Retrieval tomorrow!

  1. road2ourbaby says:

    Your stats look awesome! That’s fantastic. I hope the trigger shot went well, and that retrieval goes smoothly and they get all those good eggs! Can’t wait to hear how the rest of it goes! 🙂

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