Cooking up a storm…..


Sundays are always meal prep days for me.  This week I spent a good half the day cooking.  I made homemade salsa, marinara, turkey taco meat, spaghetti squash, mashed cauliflower and my lunches for the week.   I am really boring for lunches.  They usually include chicken, steamed spinach or broccoli and either quinoa, brown rice or sweet potato.  I measure everything out because I am that anal.

I was quite impressed with my salsa and it was the first time making it.  I bought Margarita’s brand salsa the week before and it was absolutely awful.  We have some crazy huge tomatoes growing  in our garden and I have been dying to make a recipe with them.  They may not be the prettiest things but they are extremely tasty.  I forgot how much of a difference between store bought and ones straight from the garden!

I didn’t follow a recipe it was kind of a free for all.  I grabbed some pepper from the market that was pretty hot.  I like everything extra spicy.

Recipes like salsa can vary so much and a lot depends on taste.

Homemade Salsa

3 very large tomatoes

1 red onion

2 handfuls of cilantro

3-4 garlic cloves

1 hot pepper

a little lime juice

I also made marinara sauce which I will not share because I am not too impressed with it.  I do not have a food processor so I had to cut up the tomatoes and it ended up being way too watery.

The cauliflower mashed was just OK.  I added cauliflower, a few tablespoons of cottage cheese, Greek yogurt and milk, lots of garlic and Parmesan cheese.  It was pretty good but too thin.

While cooking I decided to make some oatmeal for breakfast.  As I said in the last post, I had to go to Reading real early in the morning so we ended up doing our grocery shopping on the way home.  I was in a bit of a rush and starved so I ended up making this chocolate lovers oatmeal by accident.  The cocoa powder ended up coming out pretty fast.  I can usually just sprinkle a little out from the can but sometimes way too much comes out.

Chocolate Lover’s Oatmeal

1/2 cup of Oats

1 cup of water or milk

1/2-1 T Cocoa Powder

1/2 scoop of chocolate protein powder

1/2-1 T sunflower seed butter or your favorite nut butter

Stevia to taste

It doesn’t look so good but if you love chocolate this one is for you.  I added all ingredients besides the sun butter before cooking and then added it on after.

6 thoughts on “Cooking up a storm…..

  1. immotileturtle says:

    I am about to make myself the UK equivalent of chocolate lovers oatmeal! I hope that your retrieval went well x

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