A 15 dollar drink and daily monitoring


Saturday we went down to Boston to catch the Barenaked Ladies concert.  It was a little rainy but we made the best of it.  We went down early to meet up with some friends and head out to dinner.  By the time we started looking for a restaurant it was prime time and almost everywhere we went had a wait.  We finally found a place that we could sit in the bar area with no wait. Of course we jumped on the opportunity because we were ready to rip someone’s face off if we didn’t eat within a half hour.  Yes, we were that hungry.  I never like to get to that point because it always ends in overeating or black eyes!  My husband spotted some yummy drinks another couple had and decided to try it.  It was a $15 Organic Sangria.  Of course I am going through IVF and shouldn’t be drinking but I didn’t think one drink would kill me.  It is enough to go through everything we have gone I am not going to beat myself up for having one drink.  Plus it was organic!

The concert was good.  It was called the last summer on earth tour and the 4 bands were Cracker, Blues Traveler, BNL and Big Head Todd and the Monsters.  It was a good show but all the sets were two short.  I think they could have wiped out Cracker and Blues Traveler and we would have enjoyed it even more.

IVF #2 Update

Unfortunately, I had to drive 45 min to Reading for monitoring on Sunday morning for 6:30am.  Let me rephrase my husband had to drive me to Reading for 6:30am!  It was rough after only sleeping 5 hours to get up and go.  I am now being monitored daily with blood work and ultrasounds.  This morning the biggest follicle was at 12.6 which they call 13. I need to get to 17 or 18 for them to have me trigger.   I had about 13 measurable on my right and 5 on my left.  I am hoping they start growing faster so we get this thing going!  I am feeling pretty good.  A little bloated, some pain in ovaries and a few headaches but that is it.  I will be going in again tomorrow to see how we are looking.  The nurse said they can grow between 3-4mm per day but mine always seem to grow at a slower rate.

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