Meds are Ordered

Freedom Fertility Pharmacy called me yesterday to let me know my clinic called in my meds!  I am just one step closer to starting IVF #2!  We are still unsure how much it will be since I switched to Doug’s insurance.  She said if we have to pay out of pocket the meds will be $3,500.  Ouch.  Last time  it was about 3K that we ended up spending.  Meds are shipping out to me Tuesday and hopefully my clinic calls me today to let me know the game plan.  I am praying that insurance covers these meds and we are only paying less than 1K for the meds.


Dinner was pretty good and healthy last night.  I have not particularly been in the salad mood lately but have been feeling guilty with the fact I bought a bunch of salad stuff and it would go to waste.

It was pretty tasted and included fresh tomatoes and cucs from our garden, spinach ,romaine, avocado, chicken, salsa and blueberries.  I have been digging Newman’s Light Sesame Ginger dressing.

Woke up this morning feeling pretty unrested so not sure how much I will be working out today.  Did 25 minutes on the elliptical this morning but I think my body is telling me to rest!

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