Ever see a scale fly?

Ever wake up feeling real thin and hop on the scale and want to toss it out the window?  My goal of losing at least half of the weight I gained during FET is not looking so good.  I am still up a pound from last week.  Usually Monday I start higher and go down as the week progresses.  Why do I weigh myself everyday?  Because I am an OCD weigher.  I figured I would write a list of what worked for me in the past

  1. I stopped obsessing- as soon as I am focused on something else besides weight loss I lose the weight
  2. Eating Clean
  3. Not making weekends a free for all and stuffing my face
  4. Stop eating  late at night
  5. No alcohol
  6. Going to bed early even on the weekends
  7. Lots and lots of water
  8. Sleeping 8 hours
  9. Doing something everyday even if it is just walking the dog
  10. Cooking my lunches on Sunday for the rest of the week
  11. Keeping busy and getting out of my house
  12. No gluten or very little gluten in my diet
  13. Husband not buying junk food and also trying to lose weight
  14. No junk food in the house
  15. Build Muscle-Lifting 4-5 days a week

I am sure there are more to add to this list.  Weight loss is an easy equation and I know how to succeed. Food is my weakness though. I have no issues working out but I am a sugar addict.  Once I have a little I can’t stop.   I blame my mom she is the exact same way! (sorry mom)


I am very boring for breakfast and lunch during the work week.  It usually consists of oatmeal of some type.  Today was with cinnamon, a bit of vanilla extract and banana.

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