Coen: 9 Month Update


 Coen’s 9 month Update

Two weeks ago Coen turned 9 months.  It’s always hard getting his monthly pics because he can be a little cranky at night.  I have also found he is not a fan of the sticker on his chest anymore!  Coen is still that happy go lucky guy that gets a bit fussy at night when tired but almost always has a smile.  He is intrigued by new people and always flashes his toothless grin for them.  He loves being outside and everyday he amazes me by learning something new.  I am such a proud momma!

Height: No clue!

Weight:  We had to push off his month appointment so I am not sure. I will find out next week!

Likes: Rolling around, babbling, spending time outside, sitting up, walks, the park, BBQs and meeting new people.  At 9 months he was still not crawling or even close to it.   He also likes standing while playing with his activity table.

Dislikes: Peas, Naps at home…he naps great at daycare.

photo 2



Sleep: He is sleeping about the same anywhere from 7:30 to 5-6 with a feeding at around 5.  I really wish he would just sleep straight through but not sure how to break this habit.  He also doesn’t always fall back to sleep after a feeding.  I think he is just not a great sleeper and doesn’t need quite as much as he used to.  He always leaves us guessing.  He will nap great at daycare but not at home.  I am not sure why?  He will take 2 naps from 1-2 hours but at home he will fight naps and only take 1/2 hour naps.  I have tried to recreate the same routine but he just won’t sleep longer.  I say he just wants to spend more time with mommy!

Eating:   I am still breastfeeding/pumping and he eats anywhere from 2-4 hours.    He is now having 3 meals a day of solids of mostly fruits and veggies.  I will be pushing out his feedings to at least 3 hours.  He is just a big snacker.

photo 1



Diapers:  We were still in 3’s most of the month but now on to size 4s.  We went through  200ish diapers this month.  I think my numbers are off….either way I think our stockpiling while pregnant paid off and we will make a year without buying one diaper! (Besides swimmers)

Clothes:  He is now in 9-12 Month clothing.  He has some 9 month stuff that he can still squeeze into and then some of the 12 month clothes are getting tight depending on brand.



Coen: 8 Month Update

Coen’s 8 month Update

I really am slacking on updates.  If there was only more time in the day…..of course if there was I would probably just use it spending time with this cutie!




Height: 28ish

Weight:  I would assume close to 20.5-21lbs.  We will find out at his 9 month appointment.

Likes: Rolling around, babbling, spending time outside, sitting up, walks, BBQs and meeting new people.  He is still not crawling or even close to it.  Trying not to let it bother me as every baby develops on their own time.

Dislikes: Getting a third nap, being overtired, bellyaches, being bored!




Sleep: We decided to sleep train again this month which went great.  He now sleeps anywhere from 6:30-7 to 6:30 with a feeding at around 5.  I am fine with this!  We were waking a lot during the night the past few months.  Why did we not do this sooner?

Eating:  We went to the Dr about his belly issues with solids and started off real slow.  We give him about 1/2 package in morning and 1/2 at night which will will slowly increase.  He tends to get constipated so the Dr. has us giving a lot of P foods and some miralax as needed.  I am still going strong breastfeeding/pumping and he eats anywhere from 2-4 hours.




Diapers:  We are still in 3’s.  We went through 204ish diapers this month.  Lot’s of blowouts…maybe time to move up to size 4s?

Clothes:  Mostly 6-9 Month clothing.  He has some 12 month stuff that he can fit into.



Coen: 7 Month Update

Coen’s 7 month Update

I figured since Coen will be 8 Months next week I should at least post a quick 7 Month Update!


Height: 27.5ish

Weight:  20lbs 1 oz

Likes: Touching everything, drooling, his exersaucer and jumperoo, reaching out to us, rolling onto his belly, babbling, spending time outside, sitting up, walks.

Dislikes: Getting a third nap, being overtired, his infant carrier.  This month he decided it was much more interesting to be in the BOB on walks rather than in his infant carrier.  He is definitely a touchy baby when it comes to being overtired.




Sleep: Again this has been all over the board.  After we sleep trained he started sleeping great and then all of a sudden he started waking at 3-4am again.  When we introduced solids he started waking more and more.

Eating:  Introducing solids became an issue with his belly so we backed off.  He still eats every 2-3 hours as of 7 months.




Diapers:  We are still in 3’s.  We went through 174ish diapers this month.

Clothes:  Mostly 6-9 Month clothing.



Mind and Body after Baby: Month 6

6 Month Update

The past week or two have had some rough nights.  No sleep and being sick are not a good combo but I have finally decided to take pics for this post.  Yawn.  I wrote most of this last month so although some of my feelings or thoughts have changed I want to still post this because it was what I felt at the time.


This month was very trying because I was being pushed at work with a ton of new responsibilities.  we also went through some sleep training after weeks of the baby up multiple times a night.  The past month I fought with myself about stopping breastfeeding.  It began to really become difficult because I wasn’t sleeping and my supply started to drop after I was sick.  I really hate pumping and if I was with him all the time I feel like it would be easier.  I wouldn’t stress about getting enough for daycare and then adding extra sessions if I didn’t get my magic number.  I did not stop though and I made it to my goal of 6 months!  I have not decided when I will stop and I go back and forth all the time.  I have been stressed to the max with my new role at work.  I have a ton of projects, meetings and work and I have been feeling a little like I am a bad mom.  I feel guilty I can’t be with him 24/7 and the other day when I picked him up from daycare I started to wonder does he still know I am his mom? It is heartbreaking thinking that.  Lately I miss him so much during the day and I would give anything just to snuggle with him.

I decided since it has been half a year (I don’t know where the time went) that I would do a comparison from the first month!  I really see a lot of the weight loss in my face.  My body has definitely changed and my old body at this weight was much different.  I am very proud to see how far I have come.  I am 6lbs below pre-pregnancy weight and my goal is to lose probably another 2-4lbs.  At that point I am going to focus more on how clothes fit and building muscle rather than the number on the scale.

1 Month Postpartum

Blog 1 month front

vs 6 Months Postpartum

Blog front

1 Month Postpartum

Blog 1 month

vs 6 Months Postpartum

Blog side


Measurements month 6

Goals for month 7:  The usual…start running and sign up for 5k.  This has been on the backburner but now it is (somewhat) nice I can take the jogging stroller out for run!

Coen: 6 Month Update


Coen’s 6 month Update

Little guy turned six months!!!  I can’t believe that it has been half a year.  It is scary!  He is so aware of everything now.  I am really loving this age.  He is such a little character.

Height: 27 inches.  He seems to be getting so long!

Weight: 18lbs 12oz.  I was a little concerned he only gained 1.5lbs from 4 months.  I am wondering if maybe we should have started solids earlier.


Likes: Touching everything, drooling, his exersaucer, reaching out to us, rolling onto his belly.

Dislikes: Getting his last nap in and his car seat.  Lately he is getting crankier and crankier when in the carseat.  I think he is bored and wants to look outside!



Sleep:  Right before he turned 5 months we switched him from Rock n Play to the crib which has led to even more night wakings.  After many sleepless nights, we decided to try Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit which really helped.  He started sleeping better for the most part with occasional night wakings.  Towards the end of 5 months he started to actually fall into a schedule with naps! YAY!   We wake him at 6:30am and he naps at daycare around 8:30/9 and 12:30/1.  He naps anywhere from an hour to two hours.  At home his naps are much shorter unfortunately.  We can sometimes can get him to take a third nap at home or have him fall asleep in car but it is getting harder and harder.  He then goes to bed around 7-7:30 depending on last nap.

Eating: He is eating at about every 2-3 hours during the day.  I try to push it more to 3 hours on the weekends and he seems fine with it.  I sometimes wonder if he could be moved to 3-4 hours and do alright.  Maybe we could try that next month.  We also introduced rice cereal the last week but found he woke up screaming when we did.  So we held till we could try oatmeal.



Diapers:  We have finished up the last size twos early this month and now are in threes! We went through 214ish diapers this month.  We seemed to have a lot more blowouts this month so lots of laundry to do.

Clothes:  He was in a mix of 3-6 and 6-9 month clothes.  I don’t have a ton of winter 6-9 month clothes so I tried extending his stay in the 3-6 month ones.  They are definitely too small for him but what can you do.



Mind and Body after Baby: Month 5

I’m really late this month!!


Between work and home I feel like a crazy lady most days.  I literally have no time during the week.  Between waking getting myself ready, pumping and then feeding the morning flies by and then nighttime is spent playing with the little guy.  I have still been going to bed when he does because of all the night wakings.  It is a bit taxing but I know once he starts sleeping more that I can start to stay up a little later and have at least a half hour or hour to myself!  It  is all worth it though.  Making him giggle and smile is the best thing ever.  Love those belly laughs.

Body (Please ignore the cheesy pics):

I am very happy with my weight loss.   It continues to be slow and steady.  I am 3lbs below pre-pregnancy weight which makes me very happy but my body is definitely different.  Maybe it is the extra skin on belly or something or the linea nigra that is still hanging around but my stomach just doesn’t look the same.  I am getting some morning abs but it goes away with first bit of water or food leaving me looking bloated most days.  My next goal is about another 5-7lb loss and then focus on maintaining and building muscle.  I am still working my butt off in the gym.  I am lifting anywhere from 4-6 days a week with maybe one longish session of cardio a week and anywhere for no cardio to 20 minutes at the most.  I do a lot of sprinting or intervals which helps keep me burning lots of calories and not being a slave to the treadmill.


Here are some more post workout pics that are less than flattering……they don’t show much progress but if I look from month one to now there was some big changes.  I think at 6 month I will do some comparison and may even show some of my other before and afters that include my belly. Scary!

5 Month Postpartum


vs 6 Months Postpartum

DSC_02465 Month Postpartum


vs 6 Months Postpartum



Measurements month 5

Goals for month 5: My goals for this month was to focus on lifting heavy still.  I haven’t been running as far as longer distances because we pushed the 5K out.  We both were sick and hubby doesn’t feel ready yet.  We will probably end up doing one in April or May.  I would LOVE to find one we could bring the stroller and test out the BOB Stroller!

Coen: 5 Month Update

I am really late this time!

Coen Update

Hard to believe he is getting close to a half year old.  Where does the time go?  I swear I blink and he gets bigger.  Four months brought some tough nights and lots of development and growth.    This month he has really got his eye hand coordination.  He loves to grab toys and shake them.  He discovered his feet and loves to rip off his socks.  He also rolled over (back to front) for the first time ten minutes before mommy picked him up from daycare!

Height: Not sure we will find out next month!

Weight:  I would say at least 18lbs!


Likes: Drooling!  We have to put a bib on him because he is always drooling these days.  Still loving the the floor mat, kicking objects and being cranky most nights!  He spends some time in both the exersaucer and jumperoo.  Loves to laugh and smile.

Dislikes:  Tummy time still although he has great neck control now and can really lift his head up.



Sleep:  He had a few weeks of more than usual night wakings.   I am not sure if it was a cold, four month sleep regression, a growth spurt or just what but it left me tired and run down.  Right before he turned 5 months we switched him from Rock n Play to the crib which has led to even more night wakings.  I will update more on that at 6 months!

Eating: He is eating at about every 2-3 hours during the day.  No change there.  We have not introduced any solids even though my mom swears it will make him sleep through the night!  We plan on starting at 6 months….possibly a little earlier if we feel he is ready.


Diapers:  We have finished up the last size twos and will now start with size 3s.  We went through 182ish diapers this month.

Clothes:  He is still 3-6 month clothes because we have a lot of winter stuff but his shirts are starting to look like muscle shirts so we will be washing the 6-9 months soon.