Mind and Body after Baby: Month 5

I’m really late this month!!


Between work and home I feel like a crazy lady most days.  I literally have no time during the week.  Between waking getting myself ready, pumping and then feeding the morning flies by and then nighttime is spent playing with the little guy.  I have still been going to bed when he does because of all the night wakings.  It is a bit taxing but I know once he starts sleeping more that I can start to stay up a little later and have at least a half hour or hour to myself!  It  is all worth it though.  Making him giggle and smile is the best thing ever.  Love those belly laughs.

Body (Please ignore the cheesy pics):

I am very happy with my weight loss.   It continues to be slow and steady.  I am 3lbs below pre-pregnancy weight which makes me very happy but my body is definitely different.  Maybe it is the extra skin on belly or something or the linea nigra that is still hanging around but my stomach just doesn’t look the same.  I am getting some morning abs but it goes away with first bit of water or food leaving me looking bloated most days.  My next goal is about another 5-7lb loss and then focus on maintaining and building muscle.  I am still working my butt off in the gym.  I am lifting anywhere from 4-6 days a week with maybe one longish session of cardio a week and anywhere for no cardio to 20 minutes at the most.  I do a lot of sprinting or intervals which helps keep me burning lots of calories and not being a slave to the treadmill.


Here are some more post workout pics that are less than flattering……they don’t show much progress but if I look from month one to now there was some big changes.  I think at 6 month I will do some comparison and may even show some of my other before and afters that include my belly. Scary!

5 Month Postpartum


vs 6 Months Postpartum

DSC_02465 Month Postpartum


vs 6 Months Postpartum



Measurements month 5

Goals for month 5: My goals for this month was to focus on lifting heavy still.  I haven’t been running as far as longer distances because we pushed the 5K out.  We both were sick and hubby doesn’t feel ready yet.  We will probably end up doing one in April or May.  I would LOVE to find one we could bring the stroller and test out the BOB Stroller!

Coen: 5 Month Update

I am really late this time!

Coen Update

Hard to believe he is getting close to a half year old.  Where does the time go?  I swear I blink and he gets bigger.  Four months brought some tough nights and lots of development and growth.    This month he has really got his eye hand coordination.  He loves to grab toys and shake them.  He discovered his feet and loves to rip off his socks.  He also rolled over (back to front) for the first time ten minutes before mommy picked him up from daycare!

Height: Not sure we will find out next month!

Weight:  I would say at least 18lbs!


Likes: Drooling!  We have to put a bib on him because he is always drooling these days.  Still loving the the floor mat, kicking objects and being cranky most nights!  He spends some time in both the exersaucer and jumperoo.  Loves to laugh and smile.

Dislikes:  Tummy time still although he has great neck control now and can really lift his head up.



Sleep:  He had a few weeks of more than usual night wakings.   I am not sure if it was a cold, four month sleep regression, a growth spurt or just what but it left me tired and run down.  Right before he turned 5 months we switched him from Rock n Play to the crib which has led to even more night wakings.  I will update more on that at 6 months!

Eating: He is eating at about every 2-3 hours during the day.  No change there.  We have not introduced any solids even though my mom swears it will make him sleep through the night!  We plan on starting at 6 months….possibly a little earlier if we feel he is ready.


Diapers:  We have finished up the last size twos and will now start with size 3s.  We went through 182ish diapers this month.

Clothes:  He is still 3-6 month clothes because we have a lot of winter stuff but his shirts are starting to look like muscle shirts so we will be washing the 6-9 months soon.



Coen: Four Month Update

Coen Update

Coen is now four months!  He had his four month appointment and he is still growing at a great rate.   He did not have an easy time with the shots like he did at 2 months!  He seemed to be in a lot of pain that night.  This month we dealt with a lot of fussiness and also a lot of developmental growth.  Every week he does something new!  These little ones are so amazing.

Height: 25.5 inches

Weight: 17lbs and 3 oz.  Love my big baby!


Likes: Drooling!  We have to put a bib on him because he is always drooling these days.  Still loving the the floor mat, kicking objects and being cranky most nights!

Dislikes:  Tummy time still although he has great neck control now and can really lift his head up.


Sleep:  He is all over the place with sleep.   Some weeks this month he slept through the night and some nights he would be up around 3ish hungry.

Eating: He is STILL eating at about every 2-3 hours.  I asked the pedi about this and she says it is normal.  She also said we could now introduce some rice cereal if we felt he is ready. I’m not sure if I’m not ready or he isn’t but I don’t think we will be doing that until at least 5-6 months.

Diapers:  We are finishing up the last size twos and will probably be moving on to 3′s in Month 5.  We went through 192ish diapers this month.  Still been slacking on keeping track but it is hard with daycare.

Clothes:  He is still 3-6 month clothes and I think he could start to fit 6-9 months soon.  So sad to move on to a new size.  It makes me realize how quickly he is growing!


I really am starting to get some momma guilt with lack of updates in baby book, not writing all the new things he does down, and how he changes every month. Life is so busy but that is no excuse.  In case there is a #2 and even if not I want to remember every moment.  I have been thinking about getting a notebook and just writing an entry every few days so I can keep track.  Slow down time, please!


Mind and Body after Baby: Month 4

Of course about a few weeks late again but pics and stats are from 4 months!


Another whirlwind of a month.  In my mind, I keep thinking Coen is 3 months for some reason.  This will be a short post because to be honest I have momma mind and I don’t even recall how I have felt this past month!  I fell back into a funk after starting the year of with great motivation.  I think I am over that hump again but it is hard to keep up the momentum.  Working mom is tough and the is so little time to get everything I need to get done like writing posts.  I do feel back to myself almost 100% though.  Almost like I never even was pregnant!

Body (Please ignore the cheesy pics):

I am still happy with my weight loss each  month.  I lost 2.6lbs this month but saw some nice decreases in measurements!  I think slow, steady weight loss is lasting weight loss so even if I am only losing half a pound I week I am happy! Pics don’t show a big difference each month but I bet if I compared them to the first month I would see big changes.  I feel like my belly needs the most work.  I am back to and a little below pre-pregnancy weight but there is still extra weight around the belly that hopefully will improve with time and exercise.

Here are some more post workout pics that are less than flattering……

3 Month Postpartum


vs 4 Months Postpartum





Measurements month 4

Goals for month 4: My goals for this  month are to start increasing weight when lifting and really push myself.  I need to start adding in some steady state cardio aka jogging because we will be doing that 5k next month and I am not prepared!

Post Baby Mind & Body Update: Month 3

Of course about a few weeks late again but pics and stats are from 3 months!


As I said in Coen’s post, this month flew faster than the last two.  The holidays are always so busy and I kept dreading knowing I was back to work soon.  The first day back was pretty awful.  It was go go go.  I felt defeated by the time I got home.  Between the emotions of leaving the little one and trying to give it my all at work I was drained.  Pretty sure there was a moment that I was ready to just give up and wanted to just walk out but I made it through.  I will try and do a day in the life post of a working mom.  It is so much harder than I expected.  There really is no down time during the week.  From the second I wake in the morning to when I go to bed I am non stop.

The little me time I had before has decreased even more.  I am alright with that but it just takes some adjusting.  I really need to work on trying not to do everything.  I have a hard time accepting help even from my husband.  Apparently I am always trying to prove I can do everything myself and I don’t know why.  I have also found that the past 2 years before getting pregnant I focused 90% of my energy towards getting pregnant and then while pregnant I focused all my energy into making sure I had a healthy baby and that we were prepared for him.  I now feel that I can finally focus some of this energy on me now.  I really want to focus on doing my best at work and really proving myself.

Body (Please ignore the cheesy pics):

I was really frustrated with my body this month.  I did not see any changes till about 3 weeks into the month.  The scale was stuck and there were no changes in how things were fitting.  I was recording what I was eating but it was hard to keep my calories in check during all the holidays.  All of a sudden it was January and between the new year, stress of knowing I will be going back to work and really watching what I was eating the scale started moving.

I dropped almost 3 pounds this month and only a 2lbs away from pre-pregnancy weight!  It feels so good to finally start seeing changes again.  My belly is still squishy and hips are much wider but I feel like the rest of me is back to normal.  To be honest, I am not sure my stomach or hips will ever go back to what they were but that is alright with me.  I still feel like with more fat loss I can achieve that flat stomach once again.  Much to my surprise I have found that my cardio is actually way better than what it used to be.  I have much more endurance and I think it is because I was in such great shape carrying around that extra weight when pregnant.  I haven’t been running but will need to start because my husband and I are set out to run a 5k come March.  A little St. Patty’s day run which will end at the bar for a victory drink.  This will be our first 5k and I have to admit I am not much of a runner.  Being only 5’1 I have little legs and definitely not a runner’s body.  I am slow and awkward but that is just fine as long as I finish it.

I took these after a workout so don’t mind the fact that I’m a sweaty mess.  The angle of the camera is a little different but my stomach has definitely become a little flatter this past month.  I also feel like my arms are just beginning to get some definition.

Two Months Postpartum

Three Months Postpartum


Two Months Postpartum

Three Months Postpartum


Measurements month 3

Goals for month 4: I managed to actually meet all of last months goals so that means I owe myself something special.  I am thinking a pullup bar or a new jump rope because the one at the gym is awful.  This months goals are to keep up the cardio, start doing some running, eat more veggies and eat when hungry not when bored.  I also want to start lifting heavier.  I toned it down a bit when I first started lifting after the baby from what I usually did just to ease into it.  I want to start setting some personal records for myself like pushups, pullups (can hardly do one anymore), how much I can squat, run, etc.


Coen: Three Month Update

Coen Update

Coen turned 3 months on Sunday!  I definitely feel like this past month went by the fastest.  I am not sure if it was because of the holidays or the anticipation of getting back to work but my head is still spinning.  His personality is really starting to shine through.  He is such a happy baby.  He loves smiling and has even thrown in a few giggles here and there.  He is awake a lot more and much more aware of his surroundings.  He has lost most of his hair and has this rat tail thing going on.  It is quite the look.


Height: 25-26 inches maybe?  I haven’t measured him recently.

Weight: I’m not positive but I would bet anywhere from 14-14.5 pounds

Likes: The floor mat, kicking objects and still being cranky most nights!  He loves smiling and having us make funny noises.  I play squishy face where I squeeze his big cheeks and he always laughs after it.  He has really been into sucking on his hands this month too.


Dislikes:  Tummy time, tummy time, tummy time.  He really is not a fan of it and would much rather be sitting up or on his back.

Sleep:  We got our first sleep through the night. He went to bed at 8:30 and I actually woke to feed him at 6:30am so I could head to the gym!  He hasn’t slept this long again and on occasion he is sleeping through the night till about 4 or 5.  Right now nighttime routine is feed, change, daddy sings and rocks him and then bed.  Bedtime is about 8:30 and this works for us because I will hit the sack at the same time so I can get a decent nights rest.

Eating: He is still eating at about every 2-3 hours.  He used to be happy with only taking one side per feeding but now that he is bigger I think he needs more so he will nurse from both sides.  While at day care he is taking about 4-5 3.5oz bottles of breast milk.  I was a little nervous about overfeeding while at day care so she has cut down to about 4 bottles and he is perfectly content with that.

Diapers:  We have moved on to size twos and going through a lot less diapers and wipes.  We went through 198ish diapers.  I’ve really slacked this month with keeping track!

Clothes:  He is in 3-6 month clothes and I don’t see him staying in these too long which is sad because I had some cute stuff he may never wear.  They are for the warmer weather and I doubt they will fit come April or May.


A Year to remember…..2013

A sad end to last year brings a happy end to this year.  Few words can describe what a great year this was……..

FET #3 (IVF #5) = First Positive


Healthy heartbeat and baby….


4 Weeks pregnant


Third TrimesterIMG_0446

35 Weeks….


Last week of pregnancy (38 weeks)…….


Our boy arrives….


Love at first sight….


First Pics…..


One Month Old…

DSC_0059Two Months Old…


Christmas Card Cameo….

DSC_0137 3

Coen’s First Christmas…..


Hoping 2014 brings just as much joy to us and to all.  Happy New Year!!!