One Down and One to Go


One Down and One to Go…..I have dropped the morning nursing session.  This was usually around 5:30am and Coen would sometimes go back to bed for 30-60 min after.  The day I dropped it he slept straight until 6:15 so I decided it would be a good chance to do it.  He did great! I offered him water and then he played for a bit and then he ate breakfast.  The second day he slept a little later again and seemed to go with it.  The third morning (a Monday) he was a screaming mess at 5:30 and my husband went in to offer some water.  He drank a little, settled down but then started fussing again.  He was cranky the entire morning until I brought him to daycare.  He has been extra clingy and huggy with me.  I feel awful.  I am not sure if it is the drop of our morning session, the change in schedule, a cold, the upper teeth that seem to never come or his constipation/belly issues but it’s so hard to see him like this.  I know with any transition time will only help.  I am going to give it some time before we drop the dreaded nighttime session.  Last week for the first time in forever he actually fell asleep while I nursed him before bed.  Something I will always miss…….



Coen: 12 Month Update

Coen’s 12 month Update

One year… did this happen?  Baby boy has grown so much and is such a little man with his own personality.  I am so proud to be his mother.

Height:  Almost 30 inches

Weight:  24 lbs and 4 oz

Likes: Cruising, crawling, babbling, food, pulling himself up, walking with toy walker, clapping, waving and imitating what we do.

Dislikes: Car rides, diaper/outfit changes and taking his 12 month pics!  My husband had to hold him down to get them.



Sleep:  He has the same schedule as 11 months. He has two naps at about 9 and 2pm and sleeps from 7:30 to until 5-6:30.  Dropping the morning nursing has created an early riser but I hope he will go back to the norm once he adjusts.

Eating:   I started weaning at 11 months.  I dropped to feeding him 4 times a day and slowly started dropping my pumps at work.  A day before he turned a year I dropped down to nursing once a day.  The bedtime nursing will be the last to go and most likely the hardest on him (and me).  He has 3 meals a day and two snacks now.  We are offering milk (breast milk mostly) in the morning and once during the day.


Diapers:  We are on to size 4s.  We went through 190ish diapers this month.  I totally lost track of this! We did make it a whole year without buying diapers though.  I stocked up like crazy when pregnant and got a ton at my shower.

Clothes:  He is in 18 Month clothing!

FET #4 for Baby #2

FET # 4 and TTC #2 Update

Happy First week of October!  I can’t believe in less than 2 weeks my baby boy will be 1!  Picture is from one of our many outtakes of Coen for his birthday invites! 



It has been awhile since I have given any update besides Coen’s monthly ones but……a few weeks ago we had our first appointment for trying for baby #2! We have 3 frozen embryos so it makes sense to go that we use those first.  The RE said we have two day 5 and one day 6 embryos waiting for us.  I think it would be crazy to think of Coen having a brother or sister from the same IVF cycle.  I am excited and scared.  What if it doesn’t work a second time?  Are we ready?  How many tries do I try this before giving up? I still have not gotten my period so I think it may not show until I have completely weaned.  Our next steps….wean Coen….period shows, blood work and ultrasound and then once we are cleared we will start FET #4.  She mentioned we could start as early as January!  It was a January cycle that I got Coen but I am not expecting this to work the first time after what we went through.  We also have made the decision to only transfer one at a time.  In the past, we have done both one and two.  We just don’t want to risk twins but also know it could take that much longer.


I have a hefty stash of frozen milk so I decided to start weaning Coen at 11 months.  I am not sure how far it will get us but it will definitely bring us until after his first birthday.  Weaning is bittersweet and I never thought I would be this emotional about it. To be honest, I never thought I would make it this far or that it would be this hard hard to stop.  I sometimes wonder if I would be weaning if we weren’t planning on trying for another one.  I am ready to have my body completely back to me but I am going to miss it.  I hope he still wants to cuddle or still needs me as much as he does now.  I am sure our last time will bring tears and I am not sure I am quite ready for that yet.  Coen is down to 4 feedings a day.  Two bottles at daycare and I nurse him in the morning and at bedtime. Over the past few weeks I have dropped the daytime feedings.  I was pumping 5 times a day while I was away.  Last Friday I pumped for the last time at work.  I will not miss it at all.  I am holding strong at just nursing in the morning and at night.  I am not sure I am ready to drop these yet.  Weaning is far more emotional than I ever thought it would be but I also have this longing to give Coen a little brother or sister.  Again, this is all just a reminder of how we don’t have the luxury to just blink our eyes and be pregnant.  But it is what it is and I am willing to go through it all again because it was so worth it.

Coen: 11 Month Update


Coen’s 11 month Update

Is it possible it has almost been a year?  Soon after turning 10 months Coen really started crawling.  Once he started getting good at crawling, he started working on pulling up on everything and then cruising the furniture.

Height: 28ish inches

Weight:  Over 23 lbs maybe


Likes: Standing(assisted), dancing, giving high 5s, clapping, smiling, finger foods, Duncan , getting into any and everything and waving.

Dislikes: Car rides and diaper changes…..he also cries a lot when I enter a room.  I am not sure what is up with it but he has been doing it for awhile now.  It’s like he realizes he missed me so when he sees me he just wants to be with me…or so I like to believe.




Sleep: He is sleeping about the same anywhere from 7:30/8 to 6-6:30 with a waking/feeding at around 5:30.  He has started to wake around 3:30/4 crying and fussing but puts him self back to sleep.  I am not sure if it is tummy troubles, teeth or what.  He is napping better for us.  We get at least one longer nap in morning and the afternoon one could go either way.

Eating:   I am still breastfeeding/pumping and he eats anywhere from 3-5 hours.  No change in bottles and still having solids 3 times a day.  We introduced wheat bread, yolks, cottage cheese this month.   He still has a sensitive stomach and we seem to always struggle with constipation.





Diapers:  We are on to size 4s.  We went through  194ish diapers this month.

Clothes:  He is in 9-12 Month clothing but sleepers are always tight on his thighs!

Coen: 10 Month Update


 Coen’s 10 month Update

Baby boy (can I still call him a baby?) started commando crawling soon after he hit 9 months.  He loves our dog and that seems to be the best way to get him to crawl.    At 10 months, he started getting on all fours and crawling.  Now a week into 10 months he is crawling like crazy!  He definitely seems happier now and loves to stand.  I think will be walking by his first birthday or soon after.   He also got his first two teeth this past month!

Height: 28-29ish inches?

Weight:  22 lbs 15 oz at 9.5 months! He is one heavy boy!

Likes: Standing(assisted), dancing, giving high 5s, smiling, eating and finger foods, swimming, baths, Duncan and Duncan’s dirty tennis ball!

Dislikes: Car rides and diaper changes.  All of a sudden ten minutes into the car ride he is crying.  I don’t get it?




Sleep: He is sleeping about the same anywhere from 7:30/8 to 6-6:30 with a waking/feeding at around 5:30.  I really think he could sleep right through but this is now a habit.  I am not sure if he will change this…maybe after I wean?  From 6 months to just about a few weeks ago he would not nap for us.  We got 30 minute naps and he would nap much longer at daycare.  He has just started increasing his naps with us and I am loving it.  I get at least an extra hour a day on weekends to cook, clean or relax. It is amazing!  He naps about and hour to hour and half

Eating:   I am still breastfeeding/pumping and he eats anywhere from 3-5 hours.  He is having 3 bottles at daycare and one feeding of solids.  He is now having 3 meals a day of solids of fruits, veggies, chicken, grains (quinoa, rice, oats), yogurt.  I try to give him some finger foods such as cooked carrots, pears, apples, cut up blueberries, avocado, puffs.  This boy loves his food!  He still suffers from constipation and we have had to add miralax into his food or bottles a  lot.





Diapers:  We are on to size 4s.  We went through  200ish diapers this month.

Clothes:  He is in 9-12 Month clothing but sleepers are getting too small for his big thighs.



Coen: 9 Month Update


 Coen’s 9 month Update

Two weeks ago Coen turned 9 months.  It’s always hard getting his monthly pics because he can be a little cranky at night.  I have also found he is not a fan of the sticker on his chest anymore!  Coen is still that happy go lucky guy that gets a bit fussy at night when tired but almost always has a smile.  He is intrigued by new people and always flashes his toothless grin for them.  He loves being outside and everyday he amazes me by learning something new.  I am such a proud momma!

Height: No clue!

Weight:  We had to push off his month appointment so I am not sure. I will find out next week!

Likes: Rolling around, babbling, spending time outside, sitting up, walks, the park, BBQs and meeting new people.  At 9 months he was still not crawling or even close to it.   He also likes standing while playing with his activity table.

Dislikes: Peas, Naps at home…he naps great at daycare.

photo 2



Sleep: He is sleeping about the same anywhere from 7:30 to 5-6 with a feeding at around 5.  I really wish he would just sleep straight through but not sure how to break this habit.  He also doesn’t always fall back to sleep after a feeding.  I think he is just not a great sleeper and doesn’t need quite as much as he used to.  He always leaves us guessing.  He will nap great at daycare but not at home.  I am not sure why?  He will take 2 naps from 1-2 hours but at home he will fight naps and only take 1/2 hour naps.  I have tried to recreate the same routine but he just won’t sleep longer.  I say he just wants to spend more time with mommy!

Eating:   I am still breastfeeding/pumping and he eats anywhere from 2-4 hours.    He is now having 3 meals a day of solids of mostly fruits and veggies.  I will be pushing out his feedings to at least 3 hours.  He is just a big snacker.

photo 1



Diapers:  We were still in 3’s most of the month but now on to size 4s.  We went through  200ish diapers this month.  I think my numbers are off….either way I think our stockpiling while pregnant paid off and we will make a year without buying one diaper! (Besides swimmers)

Clothes:  He is now in 9-12 Month clothing.  He has some 9 month stuff that he can still squeeze into and then some of the 12 month clothes are getting tight depending on brand.



Coen: 8 Month Update

Coen’s 8 month Update

I really am slacking on updates.  If there was only more time in the day…..of course if there was I would probably just use it spending time with this cutie!




Height: 28ish

Weight:  I would assume close to 20.5-21lbs.  We will find out at his 9 month appointment.

Likes: Rolling around, babbling, spending time outside, sitting up, walks, BBQs and meeting new people.  He is still not crawling or even close to it.  Trying not to let it bother me as every baby develops on their own time.

Dislikes: Getting a third nap, being overtired, bellyaches, being bored!




Sleep: We decided to sleep train again this month which went great.  He now sleeps anywhere from 6:30-7 to 6:30 with a feeding at around 5.  I am fine with this!  We were waking a lot during the night the past few months.  Why did we not do this sooner?

Eating:  We went to the Dr about his belly issues with solids and started off real slow.  We give him about 1/2 package in morning and 1/2 at night which will will slowly increase.  He tends to get constipated so the Dr. has us giving a lot of P foods and some miralax as needed.  I am still going strong breastfeeding/pumping and he eats anywhere from 2-4 hours.




Diapers:  We are still in 3’s.  We went through 204ish diapers this month.  Lot’s of blowouts…maybe time to move up to size 4s?

Clothes:  Mostly 6-9 Month clothing.  He has some 12 month stuff that he can fit into.